Aces High III Free Public Beta Announced

aces-highTexas-based game studio HiTech Creations have announced they have opened a free public beta of their next generation online combat simulation multiplayer game for the PC, Aces High.

Aces High is a versatile multiplayer World War 2 simulation game which combines hard core combat flight simulation elements with ground-wars and naval battles. With vast amounts of user generated content, a vibrant community and regular free updates, this is an addictive game for anyone who likes intense dogfights and beyond.

The free open beta version adds many major new elements to the long-running game. A completely new graphics engine and a new sound engine headline the new version. New features of these engines include:

  • Continuous Level-of-Detail shift
  • Real-time environment mapping
  • Atmospheric light scattering with realistic haze effects
  • Award-winning SpeedTree® vegetation rendering system on an unprecedented scale.
  • Terrains as that can exceed a quarter-million square miles.
  • Large-scale terrain smooth self-shadowing gives life-like vistas
  • Upgraded DirectX 12 compatible shaders
  • Completely new ships, airfields and ground objects
  • New high resolution terrain mapping
  • FMOD® Sound System
  • Completely new sounds including multi-channel recordings of real World War 2 aircraft
  • New environmental background sounds
  • Greater sound realism using new blending, cross-fading, and filter effects

In addition to large-scale open arena play and historical re-enactment scenarios, a new mission system can put players right into the start of air battles ranging in size from 1v1’s to huge air battles with hundreds of planes in either player-vs-player, or player-vs-AI configurations. New alternate game play modes such as Capture-the-Flat and Last-Man-Standing are also supported. The open beta can be downloaded for free from the official Aces High website.

About Aces High
Aces High was released in the last quarter of 1999. Since its initial release it has been continuously updated and maintained. Now the best supported game just got better. Through all the major revisions of the game, continuity has been maintained. Adding new features, augmenting others, adding and updating content has kept the game fresh for the thousands of players who play Aces High.