Escape from Tarkov Announced

escape-from-tarkov-logoSource: Blue’s News

Battlestate Games announces Escape from Tarkov, a “hardcore online game set in a Russian setting” coming to Windows and OS X next year. The game’s official website is online, offering signups for closed beta testing, and this lengthy cinematic trailer showing lots of gunplay in a war-ravaged urban environment. The announcement also refers to this as an “MMO,” and describes a conflict in a cut off region called Norvinsk:

With every new day the situation in Norvinsk oblast becomes stranger and more complicated. Panic reigns as the city is plunged into armed conflict: citizens flee while those who stay begin to scavenge whatever they can. Taking the new realities as a matter of course and huddling up into well-armed gangs, scavs start their own battle for territories. Today, Tarkov is divided by unseen borders set by bandit groups. Up-for-anything, they won’t stop short at killing innocents or waging a war against two private military companies.

Players will enter the battlefield as surviving ex-mercenaries. After choosing one’s side, USEC or BEAR, the protagonist starts off in the middle of the city. Tarkov is blocked by UN forces and Russian military, supply lines are cut, communications are lost – in these realities everyone decides by himself or herself, how to survive and get out of city.