World of Warships Seventh Video Dev Diary Released

worldofwarships-logoLearn how to deck your vessel out in new Signal Flags and camouflage in the latest Dev Diaries

Get ready to fly your flag high on the open sea with the World of Warships Dev Diaries #7! In this latest installment in the World of Warships Dev Diary series, viewers will discover how they can display their battle prowess and acquire an in-game advantage thanks to the strategic use of Signal Flags and confounding camouflage.

In the Navy, flags are one of the main naval insignias for distinction, used to detail a ship’s nationality as well as communicate status and mission. In Dev Diaries #7, you’ll learn about the history of these flags, as well as the meticulous work that went into getting them looking and acting realistic in the game. In World of Warships, Signal Flags aren’t just cosmetic: they also boost your ship and captain, giving players an edge in battle. Through a player’s battle achievements, Signal Flags will be earned and applied to their ship. Discover what enhancements certain flags grant their vessels, ranging from increased XP earnings to increased speed.

Camouflage is the other way a captain can customize their vessel. Learn the history of camouflage used in navies around the world and how it will not only give your ship a unique look, but offers a practical gameplay enhancement.

To watch World of Warships Developer Diaries #7, click here.

More game info available via the official World of Warships website.