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sniper-ghost-warrior-3-logoSource: Gamer’s Hell

CI Games has revealed a new video for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 offering fresh details about this tactical shooter video game expected to be available in the first half of 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Set in a modern day conflict based in Eastern Europe, you will be thrust into the role of a sniper caught between three warring factions, played out in a realistic environment. As in the previous installments of the series, you can choose between taking out your targets up close or from a distance, while at the same time focusing on your survival through evasion and stealth. Non-linear, sandbox-style gameplay on large open-ended maps gives players the flexibility to play and replay the missions in a number of different ways.

Find out more about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 at the games official website.

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: Blue’s News

Another E3 2015 trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege shows off co-op gameplay from the upcoming tactical shooter, captured showing five players teaming up against the AI. Here’s word from the UbiBlog:

We’ve told you all about the new TerroHunt in Rainbow Six: Siege. We dug in on the little details like “What modes are part of it?” and “Who are we fighting this time?” But what is it like to actually play TerroHunt? Better yet, what’s it like to play TerroHunt on the hardest setting in the game? After spending a good chunk of time with TerroHunt on Normal, my team and I decided to give Realistic a shot in the newly revealed Consulate map and what followed was an adventure full of surprise Bombers, accidental team kills and seemingly impossible scenarios.

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amd-radeon-r9-390AMD has released the Radeon R7 and R9 300 Series of graphics cards. The AMD next-generation graphics cards mark a technology turning point in PC gaming, bringing super high resolutions, exceptional VR experiences, smoother gameplay, support for new, advanced APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and groundbreaking form factors to gamers everywhere through a top-to-bottom line of GPUs that fit virtually every need and budget.

A number of reviews have become available featuring cards from various manufacturers. You can check out the various reviews via the links posted below.

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Making its debut during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2015, Bohemia Interactive today deployed a new trailer for Arma 3, revealing the terrain featured in the upcoming expansion.

The video offers a first glimpse of Tanoa – a South Pacific archipelago with a land mass of over 100 km2, and home to lush tropical vegetation, unique landmarks, a rich history, and imposing man-made feats of modern engineering. Besides the new Tanoa terrain, the Arma 3 expansion will include new vehicles, weapons, attachments and gear, characters, playable content, and more. The expansion is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2016 and will be distributed as DLC for the base Arma 3 game.

Situated in the South Pacific, the island province of Tanoa is one of many that, together, compose the Horizon Islands – an independent island nation with historic ties to both East and West. Formerly an outpost belonging to the Empire of Japan, before its liberation by US Marines in 1944, evidence of a long history of conflict and turmoil can still be found dotted across the island – relics from times long-since passed.

Nowadays, Tanoa thrives off rich deposits of rare earth metals exported the world over, but controversy and civil unrest have long surrounded these efforts due to the perceived social, economic and environmental impacts of their exploitation. Tanoa is also believed to be a hub of illicit trafficking in the Pacific, but no formal charges have ever been raised.

In 2035, Tanoa continues to enjoy a prolonged period of apparent peace and prosperity, but the volatile geopolitical situation on the world’s stage threatens to destabilize the region, and plunge it into darkness once more.

Tanoa will be the first South Pacific destination featured in the Arma series. Previous Arma locations included the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis (Arma 3), the Eastern-European country of Chernarus (Arma 2), the Middle-Eastern nation of Takistan (Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead), and various other terrains in the fictional Armaverse.

For more information please visit the official Arma 3 website.

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Today, while appearing onstage at the inaugural E3 2015 presentation of The PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive and Anti-Matter Games revealed that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the sequel to 2013′s critically acclaimed Rising Storm, was officially in development for the PC. To accompany the announcement Tripwire released a teaser trailer for the game that shows the popular FPS series moving to the Vietnam War, where American and Vietnamese forces square off in a whole new generation of warfare.

Tripwire’s military shooter series featuring Red Orchestra and Rising Storm has been widely heralded as one of the most authentic and realistic multiplayer FPS experiences since the award winning original game, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, debuted in 2006. 2011′s Red Orchestra 2 came next and won PC Gamer’s award for “FPS of the Year (Multiplayer). Rising Storm then moved the action to the Pacific conflict and won PC Gamer’s 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam looks to once again raise the bar and move the series into a new era of combat.

“We’re bringing our gritty and realistic military shooter gameplay forward to a time when assault rifles ruled the ground, choppers ruled the skies, and every tunnel could hide an ambush,” said Tripwire Interactive President, John Gibson, “The iconic setting of Vietnam opens up so many opportunities for exciting asymmetrical gameplay.”

View the announcement trailer and first screenshots here.


just-cause-3-logoSource: Blue’s News

Square Enix announces a December 1st global release date for Just Cause 3, the upcoming continuation of Avalanche Studios’ action-packed action series for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. “Just Cause 3 is one of our most anticipated titles and we’re excited to build on everything the community loved about Just Cause 2,” says Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix. “With a beautiful 400 square-mile sandbox, Just Cause 3 will offer players almost endless hours of creativity, destruction and awe-inspiring stunts this December 1.” They celebrate the news with a This Is Just Cause 3 trailer which reveals “all the features, challenges, vehicles and weapons that players all around the world are eagerly waiting to get their hands on this Holiday.”

Get more information about Just Cause 3 at the games official website.

scourge-of-war-waterlooScourge of War recreates the Battle of Waterloo 200 years after through Twitch

“The whole art of war consists in getting at what is on the other side of the hill” (Duke of Wellington – British commander and statesman)

In order to properly commemorate the bicentenary anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Matrix Games is teaming up with developer NorbSoftDev to reproduce, live, the most dramatic moments of the final great encounter between Napoleon and his opponents. This spectacle will be delivered thanks to a live Twitch stream of Scourge of War: Waterloo, with historical scenarios being played at exactly the same time as events happened in June 18, 1815.

The official schedule of the event can now be revealed (time zone is CEST):

  • 11:30 – Initial Attack on Hougoumont (30min)
  • 12:00 – Attack on Pappelotte (30min)
  • 12:30 – 2nd Attack on Hougoumont (60min)
  • 13:30 – Count d’Erlon’s Attack on the Allied left (60min)
  • 15:00 – Attack on La Haye Sainte (30min)
  • 16:00 – Battle of Mt. St. Jean (30min)
  • 17:00 – Defense Against Arriving Prussians (60min)
  • 18:00 – Prussian Attack on Placenoit (60min)
  • 19:45 – Defence against Napoleon’s Imperial Guard (45min)

So on June 18th, 11.30 (CEST) on the official Twitch channel of the Slitherine Group we will start to bring back to life Napoleon, Wellington, Blucher and the thousands of soldiers who shaped the destiny of Europe!

Additionally Iain Dickie – well-known expert on the Napoleonic era and specialist of the miniature wargames world – will accompany us all day long and share a host of historical details with the public to help us better understand the strategic and tactical aspects of the Battle of Waterloo.

Get more game information here.

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