New Screenshots for Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense

Paradox Reveals Screenshots and Update Info on New EU4 Expansion

The Common Sense expansion for Europa Universalis IV will encourage you to take a closer look at the dominions you control – provincial development, new options for subject states, and parliaments to bend to your will. So it makes sense to take a closer look at how the game will appear. Paradox Development Studio has you covered.

Ten new screenshots of Common Sense reveal a few of the secrets hidden by our cabinet ministers for the last few months. Get a sneak peek at a few of the new events relevant for subject states, our new theocracy government and the Buddhist nations of East Asia. Our new building menu is revealed, as well as the master menus for the Parliamentary and development mechanics.

Also, pictures of tall men carrying pikes, because that’s how we roll at Paradox.

Common Sense hits digital retailers on June 9th – get ready to rule a whole new world.