Zombie Army Trilogy – 7 Reasons to Upgrade

zombie-army-trilogy-logoNew details, trailer outline seven-step guide to attaining zombie slaying nirvana

Think you already know the Zombie Army series? Think again.

With two games in the franchise and a huge fanbase, Rebellion have already proved they know a thing or two about serving up intense and brutal zombie shooters, but with the forthcoming release of Zombie Army Trilogy they’ve upped the gore and a whole lot more…

  • Brand new third campaign: the series comes to an apocalyptic conclusion with five exclusive new missions for 1-4 players across bone-chilling new environments.
  • Two stunning remastered campaigns: feast your eyes on ten missions with updated animations, dynamic physics, and improved lighting, shadows and visual effects.
  • Terrifying new enemy types: face blood-splattered Chainsaw Elites, Panzer Zombies, Armoured Skeletons … and more!
  • Four new player characters: choose to play as one of four fearless female sharpshooters with their own back story.
  • Tactical zombie dismemberment: now players can liberate zombies from their limbs to slow them down, or stomp on exposed craniums for an instant kill!
  • Challenging new Horde Mode: five dedicated maps with infinite waves of undead and impossibly tense 1-4 player action.
  • Unified online community: team up online and take on any mission, from any campaign in the series. Compare kills with new combos, scores and leaderboards.

To see this seven-step guide to attaining zombie slaying nirvana in action check out the new trailer right here.

Zombie Army Trilogy is released digitally for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 6 with a retail version also available in some regions.

As a thank you to those fans who supported the series on PC, Rebellion is still offering an exclusive discount of up to 60% to owners of the first two Nazi Zombie Army games via Steam.

Stop by the official website, www.ZombieArmy.com for more game information.