ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Capsule Review

roccat-ryos-mk-pro-mechanical-gaming-keyboardBy E. Fylladitakis @ AnandTech

Today we will be looking at the Ryos MK Pro, the best mechanical gaming keyboard ROCCAT currently offers. The major selling points of this keyboard are the per-key lighting, fully programmable layout, thumb keys, and the advanced software. Some of these features are not difficult to find nowadays, but per-key lighting and fully programmable layouts were rather rare when the Ryos MK Pro was released – nearly a year ago, that is. With a retail price of $156 (depending on switch type), it remains one of the most expensive gaming keyboards currently available, forcing it to face tremendous competition from other manufacturers. Can the Ryos MK Pro compete in today’s market? We will find out in this capsule review.

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