Frontline: The Longest Day Released

frontline-the-longest-day-box“Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul” (Michel de Montaigne – French Writer)

Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah, Gold! 5 names that made their mark on history forever. 5 Normandy beaches that shattered the Atlantic Wall and brought a decisive advantage to the Allied forces in Western Europe. 5 thorns in the German side that made Berlin tremble. This massive seaborne operation was one of the main turning points that gave victory to the Allies!

70 years after the Normandy landings, players have the opportunity to relive this key moment of WW2 in Frontline: The Longest Day. They will have to lead their troops across beaches heavily defended by veteran soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Finding a path through minefields, bunkers, artillery barrages, and antitank barriers will require courage and tactical science! Successor to the very successful Frontline: Road to Moscow that reached the top of the charts on iPad this past spring, The Longest Day keeps all the ingredients that made the previous game highly addictive while introducing brand new battlefields, plenty of units, and more complex combat mechanics for an intense experience of the D-Day operations!

Today we have the pleasure to announce that the game from developer 88mm is finally released on all platforms. So whether players own an iOS, Android or PC device, they will have a chance to jump on a Landing Craft Assault and fight on the frontline with the Allied forces!

Frontline: The Longest Day is available via Steam now!

Click here to view the games launch trailer.

Get more information on Frontline: The Longest Day from its official product page.