Armored Warfare Reaches 500,000 Closed Beta Registrations – Video Released

Armored Warfare, Obsidian Entertainment and’s upcoming tank-based MMO, has generated more than 500,000 signups worldwide for its upcoming closed beta program. To celebrate this milestone, the team has released an all-new video where players can get a look into Armored Warfare’s modern battlefield, PvP combat , co-op missions and deep customization options.

Since the game’s reveal in February, fans around the globe have flocked to Armored Warfare’s website to sign up for beta and to see more of the game’s stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay. Players who haven’t yet signed up can do so now at

In Armored Warfare, players will take on the role of private military contractors who are called into action throughout a modern virtual world. Overseeing their own personal command base, players will expand, enhance, and customize their headquarters, manage and upgrade their military convoy of vehicles, and train and develop their crews through a robust reputation and experience system. Dynamic environments in Armored Warfare require players to change strategies on the battlefield at a moment’s notice keeping them ever vigilant to the tides of battle.

A variety of team-based tactical and competitive gameplay modes in Armored Warfare will not only test the mettle of players in PvP, but will have them pulling together group strategies in order to overcome grueling player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios. Players will also be able to join Clans and participate in large scale Territory Wars in the power struggle for world domination. Armored Warfare will continue to be updated and supported for years to come with new weapons, vehicles, base elements, and battle modes.