Introducing the M1128 MGS Stryker in Armored Warfare is excited to share another of the vehicles that will be found in Armored Warfare – a video of the American M1128 MGS Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle.

In the early seventies, the Swiss company MOWAG developed a new armored personnel carrier and multipurpose wheeled chassis. The designers carefully considered every detail and nuance when deciding where to place the armor, what shape the body should be, as well as the ergonomics and the chassis. This new armored vehicle was called the Piranha and it became a benchmark for all future wheeled armored vehicles. It inspired the Canadian BMP LAV III, which then served as a basis for American military vehicle research.

The Stryker, a modified and improved Piranha, underwent serious competition to get into the U.S. army. The Stryker was adopted as a universal platform for a whole range of vehicles, including the M1128 MGS AFV, with heavy armament mounted on the remote-controlled turret.

The Stryker is often criticized because of its high cost and excessive weight. But its high speed, which is excellent for a wheeled armored vehicle, its large load capacity, its ability to mount different weapons and its additional armor justify its weight and price.

The M1128 MGS is fitted with a 105mm M68 gun, which has similar firepower to the M60 main battle tank gun. Armor plating provides protection from autocannon fire.

In Armored Warfare, the M1128 MGS fighter tank is one of the most powerful AFV’s and it occupies a worthy position among Tier 8 vehicles. The Stryker can move quickly and fire rapidly with high precision, even while moving, inflicting significant damage to the enemy. However, it does not have the maneuverability of treaded vehicles.

Although the M1128 MGS has relatively weak armor, its advantage lies in its high movement speed, and it shouldn’t be underestimated on the field of battle. The M1128 MGS Stryker is a worthy rival for main battle tanks and will undoubtedly appeal to all lovers of wheeled vehicles.