Battlefield 5 (or Whatever Comes After Hardline) Won’t Release Until Fall 2016

EA announces a release window for the next game in the Battlefield series.

Source: GameSpot

The Battlefield game that follows Battlefield Hardline won’t be released until the last quarter of 2016, roughly two years from now, Electronic Arts announced today.

During a conference call with EA investors today, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed the release window for whatever the next Battlefield game might be–Battlefield 5 or otherwise. “Battlefield 4 continues to add new players and engage existing fans a year after launch,” Wilson said. “As a result of the extended services and content updates that we provide, it’s clear that players want to experience the games we’re delivering for longer periods of time. Looking into next year, we will ensure that our players have enough time between releases to fully explore the depth and innovation in our shooter titles.”

With Hardline now confirmed to be launching in March, we won’t see another Battlefield game pushed out just six or seven months later, as some fans worried. “Following this launch, our next Battlefield experience is planned planned for launch in Q3 FY17,” Wilson said, referencing the period that spans October-December 2016. “We want to give Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline players more time to enjoy these games and immerse themselves in a game, the live service, and the community.”

Hardline was expected out this month before being delayed until early 2015. EA has said previously that it doesn’t want to annualize the series, similar to what Activision has done with Call of Duty.

This announced timeline for the next Battlefield would put about a year and a half between Battlefield releases (BF4 in October 2013, Hardline in March 2015, and the next game in late 2016), but would mean that new Battlefield games debuted in consecutive years.