Sniper Elite 3 – Free New Multiplayer Map & Sniper Rifles Pack Released

Independent developer Rebellion today announced the launch of two new pieces of DLC for Sniper Elite 3 on Steam for PC, with the content due to come to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the near future.

FREE Lost Valley Multiplayer Map

The second of four multiplayer maps which are FREE for all Sniper Elite 3 players, Lost Valley is one of the most diverse maps ever made for the series, from perilous vertical terrain and excavated ruins, to a sinkhole, open jungle and sea shallows. Packed with secret routes, vantage points and plenty of lush foliage for cover, snipers must decide whether to navigate the dangerously exposed mountain terrain for a commanding view of the battlefield, or opt to ambush enemy combatants from the waterfront shallows, temporary airfield and tented camps below.

Sniper Rifles Pack

Some of history’s most revered rifles make a welcome return to Sniper Elite 3 in the Sniper Rifles weapons pack now live on Steam and coming to consoles soon. Available for use across all modes, the Sniper Rifles weapons pack includes the Kar 98k , M1917 Enfield, and a specially tuned version of the fan-favourite Springfield rifle.

Summer of Sniper

Having already kicked off the first in a three-part Save Churchill DLC campaign, Rebellion have promised more content to come over the summer months including another two FREE multiplayer maps, more weapons packs and the concluding two missions in the Save Churchill campaign.