Hearts of Iron IV Retells History through a Look at Military Technology

Meet the Tanks and Vehicles of World War II in a New Developer Diary Video

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today released a new developer diary video for Hearts of Iron IV, the upcoming World War II strategy game for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. The video features a visit to the “Arsenalen” museum of military vehicles in Sweden, where Hearts of Iron IV’s Project Lead, Dan Lind, invites eager commanders to join him on a tour of how different tanks were used to turn the tide of war – and how different nations pursued tactics of quality vs. quantity.

This tour is connected to new game discussion and in-game footage as details about industry, war experience and vehicle production are revealed.

Click here to watch the new video.

Hearts of Iron IV challenges players to face the brutal conflict of World War II in a multifaceted grand strategy game, where history can be fully relived or rewritten from the perspective of a global superpower attempting to change the world – or a small nation simply trying to survive. Players will have to involve themselves in every facet of wargaming, from diplomacy with authentic historical figures to production and resources, along with battles on land, sea, and air. The most authentic real-time World War II simulation is scheduled to release next year for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

The “Rush to the Front” reward campaign for Hearts of Iron IV is still going strong, and ambitious generals who would like to obtain rewards for signing up, including the chance to participate in the Hearts of Iron IV beta ahead of the game’s launch, can still do so by visiting www.heartsofiron4.com.