Enermax Thormax Giant Full Tower ATX Case Review

enermax-thormax-giant-full-tower-atx-caseBy Vinny Petronio @ PureOC

Thor is one of the most well known gods of the ancient mythologies. He is also part of modern daily life, since the fifth day of the week, Thursday (Thor’s day), is named for him. As the Norse God of thunder and lightning, Thor wields one of the greatest weapons ever made, the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Thor is one of several powerful ancient beings who dwell in a magical realm called Asgard. It’s no wonder that companies will use variations of his name or likeness to market their products, especially with the Marvel movies craze bringing Thor to further prominence.

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the Thormax GT (Giant) Full Tower ATX case from Enermax. It is a bold and prodigiously styled full tower chassis made for diehard gamers and computer enthusiasts alike, but can it live up to the roots of its mighty name? Read on to find out!

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