Gary Grigsby’s War in the West 1943-45

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-west-logoWar in the West is coming in just two days! We have already shared with you a wealth of information on the game, as the guys from 2by3 Games have been answering your questions on the forums and we have also released to AARs to show you some of the gameplay. But there is more!

Tomorrow on 20:00 CET/ 14:00 EST, we will be playing a scenario live for all to watch! This will be the ultimate possibility to get familiar with the game and see some actual gameplay in progress! During the stream, we will cover the basics of the gameplay, as well as some of the new major features in the game.

To get you in the mood, we have also prepared a trailer, made of authentic World War II footage! Watch it here to get a taste of the war on the Western Front!

The live stream will be live here.

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gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-west-logoGary Grigsby’s War in the West, the massive new strategy masterpiece, confirmed for 2014!

“No amphibious attack in history has approached this one in size. Along miles of coastline there were hundreds of vessels and small boats afloat and ant-like files of advancing troops ashore” (Dwight D. Eisenhower – Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe)

July 1943 – The German war machine is jammed. On the Eastern Front the Soviets are progressing relentlessly, and Rommel had to retreat and finally leave North Africa. But to make the Axis capitulate, the Allied forces have to turn up the heat on the Western Front. Even if the German army has been weakened after 4 years of ruthless combat, its soldiers are battle-hardened veterans and its commanders are building almost impenetrable defensive lines in Italy. The time for launching massive seaborne and airborne operations has come; the Western Front is re-opened!

Gary Grigsby’s War in the West 1943-45 is the most ambitious and detailed computer wargame on the Western Front of World War II ever made. Starting with the Summer 1943 invasions of Sicily and Italy and proceeding through the invasions of France and the drive into Germany, War in the West brings the players all the Allied campaigns in Western Europe and the capability to re-fight the Western Front according to their plan.

Today we have the pleasure to unveil that the game will be released in early December 2014! So watch out for more details and get ready for the release!

Get more information on Gary Grigsby’s War in the West from the official product page.