Command the Battlefield Like Never Before in Men of War II, Out Now on PC

men-of-war-2Prepare to wage war! Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way are thrilled to announce the official launch of the highly anticipated real-time strategy game, Men of War II, available for PC today on Steam, Epic Games Store, and other digital retailers for $44.99 USD / £37.99 GBP / €44.99 EUR.

Men of War II delivers an unparalleled World War II RTS experience, meticulously crafted for both seasoned veterans and new commanders alike. Players will command their forces across epic clashes and focused manoeuvres, strategize their campaigns, and experience the chaos and brutality of war like never before.

Featuring an unmatched level of strategic depth, Men of War II offers players a staggering number of meticulously detailed units, each with unique specializations to fit their strategic visions. It also offers unwavering historical fidelity with authentic environments and battlefields and advanced enemy AI that will try to outsmart and outmanoeuvre players by adapting to their playstyles.

In Men of War II, players will take command of one of three World War II global powers – the Soviets, Americans, or Third Reich – each boasting a unique narrative campaign, allowing them to experience the war from different perspectives and utilise their military expertise in their choices. Two further Historical campaigns introduce pivotal battles with scenarios inspired by historical events, as well as a dynamic Conquest campaign and a skirmish-style experience in Raid mode. Players can also team up with up to four friends and tackle any campaign cooperatively.

Men of War II also boasts extensive multiplayer options, allowing players to compete against each other (PvP) or work together against the AI (PvE). Ranked matchmaking ensures balanced competition across three distinct battle setups: Battalions, Combined Arms, and Classic Mode.

After last year’s public playtests, Best Way took extra time and care to incorporate improvements from community feedback. This dedication means that Men of War II launches with numerous technical improvements, bug fixes, balancing tweaks, and enhanced audio-visual quality – a testament to the team’s commitment to delivering a polished experience to players at launch. Best Way are determined to listen to their community post-launch as well, and will continue to improve Men of War II with their feedback.

For more game information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website.