Scramble: Battle of Britain – Flight School, Episode #2 Released

scramble-battle-of-britainSlitherine has released the second flight school video for its turn-based tactical dogfighting game Scramble: Battle of Britain.

Watch Flight School, Episode #2 “Gameplay Phases” HERE.

Dogfights are by their very nature chaotic and unpredictable. Pilots are competing for advantage with their lives at stake. They must execute complex maneuvers with split-second timing to gain a tactical advantage over deadly opponents. Aircraft fly at high speed in close proximity and an understanding of the entire airpace is essential – one wrong move could be fatal.

Scramble simplifies the chaos of a dogfight into short, digestible chunks of action. Maneuvers that can be disorienting in a real-time flight game progress at a pace you can understand. The turn-based design of Scramble ensures you will never lose sight of a target and that you always have a chance to check your six; Scramble helps with the Observe and Orient steps of the OODA loop, and aces will be made of the tacticians who Decide and Act with the most proficiency.

Read more about Flight School Episode #2 HERE.