Men of War II Open Beta Starts on 16 November

men-of-war-2Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian studio Best Way are happy to announce the upcoming Beta weekend for the highly-anticipated real-time strategy title Men of War II coming on 16th November and concluding on November 21st on Steam. This new beta showcases the progress in development and offers players a more polished experience, including match-making and leaderboards for each of the PVP match setup modes, shorter loading times, and various graphical improvements.

Launching next week, the upcoming open beta introduces “Officer” mode, a challenging PVE scenario that demands strategic prowess from players. In Officer mode, participants must skillfully balance offensive and defensive tactics as they strive to protect an NPC officer for a set amount of time; if the enemy manages to eliminate him, it’s game over. This intense mode will test players’ ability to coordinate their forces effectively and make split-second decisions to achieve victory. Alongside this new mode, all PvE and PvP modes from previous open betas will return for players to enjoy.

Watch the Men of War II Open Beta trailer HERE.

Additionally, players can look forward to two gripping new single-player missions that delve into pivotal moments of World War II history for the USA and German troops. These immersive missions provide players with a chance to experience the intensity and complexity of wartime decision-making, plus the Soviet campaign from previous betas returns for players to jump back into the action with all single-player missions.

This beta also introduces four new multiplayer maps, ‘Witch’s Vale’, ‘Village’, ‘Champagne’, and ‘Polesie’, with a total of ten available for players.

This open Beta has been based on feedback from thousands of players who have already played, tested and provided their thoughts on the previous three public tests. The developers will continue to work on polishing and balancing based on fresh player feedback from this Beta. Players’ progress and saves in this open beta test will not carry over to release.

Men of War II will launch for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores in 2024. For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website.