Total War: PHARAOH Released

total-war-pharaohSEGA® Europe, Limited and The Creative Assembly™ Limited. are proud to announce the launch of Total War™: PHARAOH on Steam for Windows PC. A return to the historical roots of the iconic strategy game franchise, Total War: PHARAOH immerses players in the turbulent events of the Egyptian New Kingdom period where they’ll determine the fate of three great cultures as they fight for survival amid the cataclysmic Bronze-Age Collapse. ​

Watch the release trailer HERE.

A strategy game where turn-based civilisation management and real-time strategy battles collide, Total War: PHARAOH empowers players to rule an iconic Bronze-Age civilisation and rewrite history in their own vision. Manage your empire in matters of diplomacy, economy, and military strength, before commanding thousands strong legions of soldiers and war machines in intense tactical conquests across a vibrant recreation of this turbulent age.

For more information about Total War: PHARAOH and the other Total War games in development, visit the Total War or Total War: PHARAOH website.