Wards & Wardens Event Pack for Crusader Kings III Now Available

crusader-kings-3Even in the distant past, children were the future. Heirs and spares secured the wealth and prestige of a royal house, carrying on legacies forged over centuries of careful education and child-rearing. Starting today, Wards & Wardens adds greater depth and interactivity to this crucial part of successfully surviving Crusader Kings III.

In Wards & Wardens, you will experience dozens of new events connected to childhood, parenthood, and education, including the complicated situations that can arise with a young ruler on the throne.

Watch the Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens Release Trailer HERE.

Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens includes:

Childhood Education Events
Visiting Universities for adult characters
More Childhood Personality Events
Hostage Events for foreign children placed at your court
Child-rearing events with courtiers, including a new court position, the Wet-Nurse.
Child Regency Events for the training or usurping of rulers who have not reached adulthood.
Four New Music Tracks

This pack also includes a free update for all Crusader Kings III players, with a new hostage system, the new Eccentric character trait, new event art and new animations.

Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens is available now at major online retailers for the suggested retail price of $4.99/£4.29/€4.99.

More information is available on the official Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens webpage.