Six Days in Fallujah Launches in Steam Early Access

six-days-in-fallujahVictura and Highwire Games has launched first-person tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah in Steam’s Early Access, priced at USD 39.99. EUR 38.99 and GBP £32.99. Featuring four co-operative, four-player missions, Six Days in Fallujah’s urban maps are generated procedurally, simulating the uncertainty of combat, and offering unlimited replayability.

The most realistic simulation of urban combat to-date, Six Days in Fallujah is developed with help from more than 100 Marines and Soldiers who served in the Second Battle of Fallujah, as well as more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers. Based on true stories from the battle, Six Days requires players to overcome real-world scenarios with their fire team by using real-life military tactics.

In the coming months, additional features and content will be introduced, including:

Night-time Missions: Knowing what lies around the next corner is hard enough during daylight hours. Gameplay evolves with even more tension with the addition of night-time missions, as more are added throughout Early Access.

Weather variation: While night-time missions will add to the procedural architecture, weather variation will challenge players and add to the complexity of missions.

“Go” Command: Later this year, take control of your AI teammates with unique tactical control, drawing inspiration from real-life tactics.

Single Player Missions: Specific moments from the second battle of Fallujah from those who were there, including Special Operations Missions, Civilians and more.

Expected to remain in Early Access for one year, Six Days in Fallujah will expand its tense, and challenging tactical shooter, with a full release for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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