1971: Indian Naval Front Out Now on Steam

1971-indian-naval-frontIndependent game development studio Neosphere Interactive Studios is releasing 1971: Indian Naval Front on Steam today.

Watch the latest 1971: Indian Naval Front Gameplay video HERE.

1971: Indian Naval Front is a third-person naval combat game based on the actual events of 1971 war. The game allows you to learn history by experiencing the clash between India and Pakistan.

1971: Indian Naval Front features iconic ships of the Indian Navy. Over 40 authentic naval units, including jets and helicopters, are player-controllable. A mini-game for solving Morse-coded messages and progressing through the levels is also included.

The Campaign Mode (Single player) is played from the perspective of Indian Navy, where the player engages in different combat missions like Maritime Interdiction Operations, Naval Air Squadron Sorties, Search and Rescue and others. All the missions are based on actual incidents which took place during the war.