Crusader Kings III Royal Court Next Year

crusader-kings-3-royal-courtSource: Blue’s News

In this post, Paradox Interactive explains the release schedule of the Royal Court expansion for Crusader Kings III, the historical strategy sequel. The add-on did not carry a release date when it was announced, so it’s not actually delayed, but the tone suggests the news that this is now expected in 2022 represents some sort of setback:

With that in mind we are not, at the moment, entirely satisfied with Royal Court’s progress, especially regarding its stability. There are a number of bugs we really need to iron out, and are taking more time to make sure it is in line with the standards you would expect from us.

We also understand the frustration that delays cause, but we would like to make sure we are always as forthcoming as possible and that you hear the news directly from us. It’s a tricky balance between sentiments like “It will release whenever we finish making sure it is ready” and things like giving exact timelines only to make necessary but upsetting changes to that timeline when we do actually need time to review and make those changes.

That being said, you can look forward to news about the 2022 release date Soon™!