Victory At Sea Ironclad Introduces the Confederate Campaign

victory-at-sea-ironclad‘Evil Twin Artworks’, the award winning indie team behind PC RTS classic, ‘Victory At Sea’, Man O’ War: Corsair and Victory At Sea Pacific has just released a major update for their latest Early Access game, Victory At Sea Ironclad.

Since releasing Victory At Sea Ironclad, we have been asked what the weather will be like in game,” said James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “Now the players have to contend with adverse weather, seeing, mist and fog, rain and heavy storms. All of these affect accuracy and visibility. Not only that but we have also added the Confederate campaign.

Set during the American Civil War, Victory At Sea Ironclad gives the player opportunities to not only sail but take control of huge paddle steamers, they can even build and command the fearsome Ironclads of the title.

A huge Open World RTS where you play out the entire Civil War, making history with every decision made. Victory At Sea Ironclad will set sail on Steam Q1 2020 in Early Access.

You can check out the new Steam page for Victory At Sea Ironclad HERE.