Combat Mission Black Sea Released

combat-mission-black-sea-logoMatrix Games has announced that Combat Mission Black Sea, one of the most popular titles in the renowned Combat Mission franchise, is now available on the Matrix Store and on Steam.

Get ready to command detailed, highly researched American, Ukrainian and Russian units and immerse yourself in an hypothetical open conflict in the summer of 2017.

Four high-risk campaigns, 22 self-contained scenarios and a plethora of Quick Battle maps await you and will test your tactical acumen.

Extend your gaming experience with the “Battle Pack 1” DLC already available for purchase.

Fight alongside Americans and Ukranian forces to stop the Russian advance on Kiev, or command a Battle Tactical Group from the Russian 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade and bring the fight to Ukrainian and American forces!

Watch the Combat Mission Back Sea in 2 minutes Trailer HERE.

Anyone with a copy of the game purchased on will also be able to redeem a Steam key HERE using their original game code.