Warfare 1944 Early Access

warfare-1944Source: Blue’s News

The first shots are being fired in Warfare 1944, which is now available in Early Access for Windows on Steam. This is a World War II tactical shooter developed by Drakeling Labs in conjunction with undead publisher MicroProse. They say this release is to help support further development of Drakeling’s Operation: Harsh Doorstop even though Warfare 1944 is still in its nascent stages: “This is a very early version of the game, an alpha demo that is primarily aimed at testing and feedback-gathering.” A Development Blog from a few weeks ago discusses the project, and the Announcement Teaser Video from the same time offers a look at gameplay. Here’s word:

Fight on the frontlines of World War 2 in this stylized tactical shooter. Engage in large open environments with a variety of weapons and equipment during the pinnacle of World War 2. Make smart decisions, and lead your team to victory.

Warfare 1944 focuses on tactical gameplay. Bullets are deadly, one shot can kill. Team communication is essential and Warfare 1944 features robust proximity voice communication which allows you to communicate with your fellow soldiers alongside you. Wield a wide variety of weapons and equipment while you attempt to survive the chaos of war. Rally your friends to your team, and fight in massive battles across vast open landscapes. Keep your wits, and defeat your enemies. Warfare is unforgiving.