Command LIVE – Broken Shield 300 Release Date

command-live-broken-shield-300Time is running fast and tensions between Israel and Syria doesn’t seem to de-escalate. The entire region is in high alert, with rumours of military exercises being conducted on both sides.

Mark the day, as Command LIVE – Broken Shield 300 will be released on February 13th!

Inspired by the most recent geopolitical events, Command: LIVE – Broken Shield 300 scenario depicts how the Heyl Ha’Avir (or IAF, Israeli Air Force) would act in case of a military escalation in Syria and its final activation of S-300 missiles batteries to protect Iranian assets.


  • Playable as Israel (main side) and Syria (limited experience)
  • Carefully researched scenario featuring authentic representation of the Israeli Air Force down to the individual tail numbers in the respective squadrons
  • Feasible Russian made IADS network composed of both modern [S-300 PMU-2 (SA-20B), Buk (SA-17), Pantsir (SA-22)] and legacy [S-75 (SA-2), S-125 (SA-3), S-200 (SA-5), Kvadrat (SA-6), Osa (SA-8)] air defense systems
  • Realistic “what if” scenario aimed at exploring the ways to crack up to date IADS networks using all the tools available to a modern day western commander like long range stand-off weapons, OECM platforms, space based assets and even cyber attacks
  • Challenging scoring system based on the necessity of maintaining very low to non casualties and extracting downed pilots from enemy territory via SAR operations before they are captured by the enemy for propaganda purposes – rich backstory along with a developing one through the scenario

Get more information on the Command LIVE – Broken Shield 300 official product page.