Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide Launches

call-of-duty-black-ops-4-boxSource: Blue’s News

New patch notes on Reddit for Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII have the latest changes for the military shooter, which includes the launch of Operation Dark Divide on all platforms. This new content launched last week for the PS4, and though we thought this would be exclusive to that platform for a month, it turns out this restriction was actually only a week. Here are details on the update:

With today’s launch on Xbox One and PC, Operation Dark Divide is now live across all platforms, bringing a ton of new content to Black Ops 4 in our sixth post-launch season:


  • Two Black Ops Pass maps: Lair and Launch
  • New weapon support: Echohawk Dual Bore, AN-94, and VMP
  • New MKII Weapon support: Paladin HB50, VKM 750, and Mozu
  • New Mastercraft support: “Game Over” KAP 45, “Predator” S6 Stingray, “Desecrator” Rampage, and more


  • New limited-time mode: Heavy Metal Heroes
  • New Tank vehicle, Flare Gun, Hellion Salvo Operator, vehicle variants, thrust jumps, unlimited Grapple Gun + more in Heavy Metal Heroes
  • New Wonder Weapon support: Savage Impaler and Winter’s Fury


  • “Tag der Toten”, the final Black Ops 4 Zombies map for Black Ops Pass holders
  • New Perk: Blaze Phase
  • New Epic Elixirs: Power Vacuum and Secret Shopper
  • New weapon support for the Mystery Box and Zombies Armory


  • New 50-Tier Contraband stream including a new Ultra Weapon Bribe
  • New personalization items including new weapons, Mastercrafts, MKII Weapons, Reactive Camos, weapon camos, Blackout characters, Epic outfits, Weapon Charms, Death Effects, Gestures, Jump Packs, and more

Watch the Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — Operation Dark Divide Trailer HERE.