Fractal Design Vector RS Blackout PC Case Review

fractal-design-vector-rs-blackout-caseBy Peter Donnell @ eTeknix

The Fractal Design product range is one often associated with premium quality and performance. Admittedly, they’ve stepped into the budget realm with a few of their more recent cases. When you think of premium Fractal Design cases, however, you likely think of the Define R5. It’s a bit old now, but it still sets a high standard even today. That’s about to change though, as the Vector RS is here, and it’s out to kick-ass and chew gum, and it’s all out of gum!

Their latest flagship case is absolutely overflowing with luxurious and premium features. sleek ARGB integration wraps around the edges of the glass panels and comes with a built-in controller. There’s a built-in fan hub for up to 9 fans, as well as three GP-14 140mm fans pre-installed! Admittedly, this case isn’t going to be cheap, but if it’s anything like previous Fractal Design cases, you’re paying for over the top build quality and performance.

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