Armored Brigade New DLC Will Soon Deploy France and Belgium Forces

armored-brigade-nation-pack-france-belgiumThe second Nation Pack DLC will be out on 31st October; on the same day, all of the existing Armored Brigade content will be made available on Steam.

Saint-Hubert, 18th September 1985. The Red Tide smashed NATO force and conquered West Germany in a matter of weeks. T-72s and Hind 24s are now heading to Paris: will France be the next Nation to fall under the Soviet invasion?

With the new Nation Pack: France – Belgium DLC, Armored Brigade, the tactical RTS set in the Cold War era, will receive two new armies (200+ new units) and a vast new map set around Bastogne.

French formations tactics in the 70s were similar to the US Armored Cavalry Regiments: they were not intended for holding ground, but to operate like the earlier dragons portes, locating the enemy, delaying their forces and setting up the situation for a deadly counter strike by the heavy tank regiments. During the 1980s the French forces saw the addition of VAB-equipped units to the infantry divisions, and an increased number of mechanized regiments. The France Army is perfect for seek-and-destroy mobile tactics.

On the contrary, Belgian forces were getting old and tired at the time: the main battle tank, the Leopard 1(BE) was a vintage vehicle from the 60s and its M75 and AMX-13 Mod 56 APCs, as well as its Alouette II helicopters were almost museum-pieces from the 1950s. However, the Army went through a modest re-equipment program through the 80s, and was supplemented by a regiment of elite para/commandos. The Belgian Army of the Cold War is an extremely interesting and challenging faction, due to its weakness and old-style tactics.

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