Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard Review

cooler-master-mk850-keyboardBy VSG @ TechPowerup!

Ah, Aimpad technology! I have been wanting to try it out for a while now, having read references of the Aimpad analog control input mechanism with mechanical keyboards over three years ago. I referenced it in my review of the Roccat Isku+ Force FX as well, a membrane keyboard that used pressure sensitivity to drive a rudimentary form of analog control. Then came the very impressive Wooting One with optical switches for a satisfactory analog control experience on the entire TKL form factor keyboard. That required new switch designs, however, and Aimpad’s compatibility with many existing switches offered a viable alternative as well. Cooler Master partnered with Aimpad, first via a working prototype using their erstwhile Rapidfire keyboard and then for more proofs of concept at CES 2018. Well, it is now 2019, and we are finally here with a retail keyboard. Say hello to the Cooler Master MK850.

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