Order of Battle: Sandstorm Released

order-of-battle-sandstormMatrix Games today have announced that the new expansion in the Order of Battle series, Sandstorm, is now available.

Relive the deeds and battles of Erwin Rommel in North Africa in a new dynamic branching campaign spanning all of the North African theater. Command tons of new units from the Italian army, navy and air force. Learn how to master a new type of battlefield: the desert is merciless and only those who know it well will triumph.

This is a big day for the Order of Battle franchise: on top of the release of Sandstorm we’re proud to announce that the whole Order of Battle saga lands on GOG.com!

And to celebrate this day, we’re about to launch a new sale on all Order of Battle products! Starting from today until May 23rd, the following games will be discounted:

  • U.S. Pacific – 75% off
  • Rising Sun – 75% off
  • U.S. Marines – 50% off
  • Morning Sun – 50% off
  • Blitzkrieg – 50% off
  • Winter War – 50% off
  • Kriegsmarine – 50% off
  • Burma Road – 34% off
  • Panzerkrieg – 34% off

Don’t miss this amazing chance to complete your Order of Battle collection from GOG.com! The offer is only valid for a few days, until May 23rd!

Get more information about Order of Battle: Sandstorm from its official product page!