Strategic Command Classic: Global Conflict out on February 8th

strategic-command-ww2-global-conflictAnother title from the classic Strategic Command Series it’s coming and will be released on Matrix this week!

This time, it’s Strategic Command WW2: Global Conflict that’s hitting the shelves!

The Matrix version is the Gold Edition of the original and includes the two DLCs “Assault on Communism” and “Assault on Democracy”! You will be able to wage World War II across the massive expanse of the entire planet. From battles in Europe and North Africa all the way to Asia and the Pacific!

Watch the Strategic Command Classic WWII: Global Conflict – Matrix Trailer  HERE.

From the product page:

“Command the forces of 6 major and 58 different minor nations whose armies and navies include 20 different unique unit types, each with up to 30 different characteristics and stats. Over 200 different in-game events are now depicted as well as over 50 different decision events that guarantee a unique experience each time the game is played”

This is not a new game. We are taking over from Battlefront as the publisher of this game.

If you had the basic version of SCC Global Conflict you will get 40% discount on the Matrix version.
If you had the gold version you will get 60% off.
If you had either of the DLCs (Assault on Communism or Democracy) you will get the game for free – you BF serial will work as a serial for the Matrix version.