ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming Motherboard Review

asrock-fatal1ty-x399-pro-gamingBy MAC @ Hardware Canucks

When AMD unveiled the ThreadRipper X399 platform back in July it caused huge shockwaves since this was an HEDT platform with absolutely no artificial limitations, superior capabilities, and an attractive processor lineup that was much cheaper than the competition’s. When we finally got our hands on this new platform it was clear to us that AMD had successfully delivered a product that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding power users.

Now that the ThreadRipper platform has been available for a few months and has matured a bit we thought it was the perfect time to start testing out some X399 motherboards. Since the first AM4 motherboard that we reviewed was the ASRock X370 Taichi – and it was pretty much perfect from the get-go – we thought we would tap ASRock again and try out their flagship $660 CAD / $440 USD Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming motherboard. While “Professional” and “Gaming” don’t intuitively go together, the end result is nevertheless a motherboard that looks fantastic on paper.

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