Corsair GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse Review

corsair-glaive-rgb-gaming-mouseBy Joe Evans @ Legit Reviews

Corsair has added yet one more product to their ever growing gaming peripheral repertoire with their launch of the GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse. If you’re like me, the word glaive drew a big blank so I had to look it up to find out that it simply means ‘sword’. Being that a sword is an instrument of warfare and many games are combat based, it seems as an appropriate a appellation as any. It also follows the seemingly growing trend of titling it in all caps which is probably some clever marketing trick to make the product stand out in a listing or triggering some memory mnemonic in prospective customers. Maybe it’s none of the above and I’m simply reading too much into it. Either way, we have our hot hands on one to see if it meets one of their taglines of “Winning never felt so good”. Sword in hand, we plunge ahead.

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