Ghost Recon: Wildlands Live Challenges

ghost-recon-wildlands-logoSource: Blue’s News

UbiBlog has details on Title Update 3 for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which is now available on consoles, and is coming today to the Windows edition of the shooter. This includes game stability improvements and fixes for some issues with the game. It will also introduce Live Season Challenges, and they provide this explanation of what these are about:

The Title Update also introduces Live Season Challenges – a brand new feature giving players regular access to new objectives. These Challenges will be separated into Seasons, with each lasting six weeks and featuring a specific theme and specific rewards. The first Season starts on April 18th. The update adds a new in-game menu where you can see the current Challenges, check details of how to find them, and monitor your progression.

Because the Challenges are live content, you need to be online to activate them and update your statistics – though the missions can be completed offline during the same game session.

There’ll be a total of five new missions each week, gradually allowing you to discover new pieces of Operation Kingslayer.

  • Three challenges playable solo (co-op is available, but your stats are counted individually)
  • A challenge dedicated to members of Task Force groups (Task Forces can be created or joined on the Ghost Recon Network)
  • A community challenge that requires the contribution of all players to reach an overall objective.

Players will receive a reward after completing each challenge, totaling three rewards per season. During a season, each challenge will be available for one week and will be updated every Wednesday at 9am UTC (that’s 10am BST) – so don’t forget to complete them before then to get the reward.