2017 WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT Upgrade Patches Released

Twenty tons of metal mayhem thundering from our servers to your computer, crushing all false wargames, Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games raises once more the crimson flag of glory with the 2017 WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT upgrade patches! Unleash a storm of new content, revisions, and bug stomping that will leave you breathless. Clear your calendar and plunge into the fire of the most intense tactical wargaming available on your PC!

The WinSPWW2 upgrade patch updates the game to version 10.0 while the WinSPMBT version updates that game to version 11.0. These patches are applicable to both the FREE and the Extended CD versions. Owners of the Extended CD version will be excited to hear about some of the new features that are only available for you, so be sure to keep on reading.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the upgrades it’s time for that annual public service announcement. DO NOT apply the upgrade patches while in the midst of a secure PBEM game as the game will fail. You have been warned.

As to be expected, both patches add plenty of additional content to the games. So, by the numbers we have the following bits of greatness…

WinSPWW2, upgrading to version 10.0 includes:

  • 20 new scenarios, 17 revised scenarios, and 2 revised campaigns.
  • 4 new maps.
  • 134 new or revised photos.
  • 36 updated OOB files.
  • 73 new or revised vehicle/aircraft icons.
  • 135 new or revised icon and terrain graphic files.
  • 3 revised text files, 71 campaign text files.
  • 7 new or revised sound files.
  • 7 new terrain sets, 10 revised terrain sets.

And WinSPMBT, updated to version 11.0 has:

  • 15 new scenarios, 6 revised scenarios.
  • 10 new or revised map files.
  • 77 new or revised photos.
  • 176 new or revised vehicle/aircraft icons.
  • 93 updated OOB files.
  • 138 new or revised icon and terrain graphics files.
  • 6 new or revised text files.
  • 2 revised picklist files.
  • 18 new or revised sound files.
  • 7 new terrains, 10 revised terrains.

While all of the above is nothing to sneeze at there is also the long list of bug fixes, enhancements, new features, and more. Click here to read the full press release. There you will find links to the respective game forums for full list of changes and links to download the upgrade patches.