Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO Hybrid Coolers Review

cryorig-a40-a40-ultimate-aioBy Sean Sinha @ Legit Reviews

Cryorig and their products are becoming quite familiar to Legit Reviews readers, as we’ve taken a look at quite a few of their offerings since coming to market in 2013. Our general take on Cryorig has been that the company offers great PC cooling solutions for a variety of situations, in addition to offering solid customer service and technical support. Cryorig is still a young company that is trying to grow in a competitive market, but so far they have done a great job in appealing to PC enthusiasts. We’ve used the Cryorig Amazon store to order their products with success. Only time will tell if Cryorig can continue to grow in the competitive PC cooling market, but they’ve gotten off to a wonderful start and they continue to expand their offerings to PC enthusiasts. Today Legit Reviews looks at the Cryorig A40 and A40 Ultimate AIO Hybrid Coolers.

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