Panzer Corps Gold Announced

panzer-corps-goldBack when we released the U.S. Corps packs we told you they would be the last DLCs for the Panzer Corps series, but we never said that the path of Panzer Corps had come to an end. Millions of people enjoyed Panzer Corps in the last few years: it’s been a long and epic ride, but it’s not over yet.

We are going to update the game and make a special edition containing every expansion and DLC ever published: Panzer Corps Gold!

For the first time you’ll have the opportunity to buy every single expansion plus the base game in a single product, thus receiving a big discount on the whole package.

To celebrate the Gold edition we are going to add some decisive improvements to the game’s interface; now it’ll be possible to see a combat prediction in the map screen while planning your movement, and your units’ special abilities will be highlighted in the UI! Those are life changers, trust me.

In order to be fair to those who already own the game these improvements will be available to anyone in a free patch.

Would you like to know more, and also take a look at the shining (literally) new box? Please visit the product page for more information.