Command LIVE: Old Grudges Never Die Released

command-live-old-grudges-never-dieThe Command LIVE project has officially taken off. The first release, Old Grudges Never Die, is available for purchase at the Matrix Games Store and on Steam.

We are really proud of this first episode and of the project as a whole. Developers WarfareSim and Bart Gauvin, an experienced designer from the community, have worked hard to bring this project to life and this is only the start. It’s the first time a detailed simulation takes on real life events to create such detailed fictional, but true-to-life scenarios.

Old Grudges Never Die, in particular,features a highly detailed geopolitical what if scenario, set in the present day Syrian Civil War.

Two playable factions, Turkey and Russia, have been engrossed in this conflict, where every false step could further destabilize the entire region. With dozens of actors involved, the slightest incident could ignite a war.

Take command and avoid escalating the conflict to an all out war, or be ready to face the consequences!

Command Live: Old Grudges Never Die now and play history as it happens. Live!

The game is an expansion for Command: Modern/Air Naval Operations and require the base game to be played.

Check for more details from the Command Live: Old Grudges Never Die product page here!