Expert Hands On With Hearts of Iron 4 and First Major Patch Released

Hearts of Iron IV Gets Some Expert Analysis - Swedish Officer Evaluates the Wargame as First Major Patch Arrives

One test of a strategic wargame is whether real-world military expertise and planning translates to the virtual space. We invited Lieutenant-Colonel Conny Hansen of the Swedish Armed Forces to play Hearts of Iron IV in our studio so he could get the measure of Paradox Development Studio’s newest grand strategy wargame.

In this short video, you can watch Lt. Col. Hansen plot an American war strategy that puts the Pacific theatre first. What will await him when he finally looks across the Atlantic? Stay to the end for his final verdict on Hearts of Iron IV.

Meanwhile, away from Central Command, the Paradox team has been busy patching Hearts of Iron IV. Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements you can expect in this first major update to the game:

  • Command Group Postures: Your armies can now carry out orders Carefully, Balanced, or in a Rush.
  • New Template Design: An empty template for new division designs is now available in the edit division drop-down tab.
  • AI Production Priorities: Computer controlled opponents will have a greater emphasis on infantry and fighter production.
  • Making Friends: Computer controlled opponents will be more likely to grant military access to countries fighting a common enemy.
  • Boys From Brazil: Germany less likely to spam South America with justifications for war
  • Bug Fixes: Tweaks to warscore calculation, the peace process and King George V only dies once, now.

For a complete list of the fixes to Hearts of Iron IV, check this thread on our official forum.

For more information on Hearts of Iron IV, check out the games official website.