Infinity Ward Explains Why Call of Duty is Going Into Space

call-of-duty-infinite-warfareBy Brian Crecente @ Polygon

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will likely bring to mind the unknowing silence and darkness of space for future players. But the people behind the game had another environment in mind when creating this science-future take on the war shooter.

“Space is like a deep black ocean,” Infinite Warfare narrative director Taylor Kurosaki said in an interview with Polygon. “So we are taking a lot of information from and drawing a lot of metaphors with the current naval technology.”

The game, officially announced this morning, has players taking on the role of the commander of what amounts to an aircraft carrier in space. In developing the title, Infinity Ward worked with a collection of former Naval officers and sailors including a two star admiral, Navy SEALs and a Naval bridge officer.

“We work with these guys daily,” said Jacob Minkoff, design director on the game. “The militarization of space is foremost on their mind as the next frontier.”

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