The Division Incursions Update Now Available

tom-clancys-the-divisionSource: UbiBlog

Incursions, the first of two free updates for The Division, is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. This new 1.1 update adds several new features to the game – the most notable being the Falcon Lost incursion. This new area within the game pits Division Agents against wave after wave of LMB soldiers who guard an important water treatment facility. Also arriving with the Incursions update are Dark Zone supply drops (that contain uncontaminated gear) and assignments, which give players rewards for completing a series of designated tasks that change periodically. In addition to these activities, players will have access to player trading and new gear sets with all-new perks and bonuses. Watch the Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.1 trailer here.

Today also marks the arrival of Operation ISAC. Every Tuesday, players will get in-game missions from Simon – a technician in charge of the only ISAC system node in New York City. Completing these missions will give rewards. Watch the Operation ISAC trailer here.

For a full rundown on what’s included in the Incursions update you can check out this story here.