Final Hours to Back Online WW2 Shooter Reboot, Days of War

days-of-warDays of War seeks to bring the online FPS back to it’s competitive roots by simplifying gameplay and returning to a classic WW2 setting. Armed with a fully functional Alpha prototype and a $100k budget to get to early access ($50k from backers and $50k studio match), Days of War will be hitting the store at the end of this Summer.

For players who can’t wait that long, Alpha and Beta tester access can be secured by backing through Kickstarter. Full copies of the game are also available at a highly discounted price ($19).

Days of War is rejuvenating FPS fans of old. Clans from Medal of Honor, CoD 2, Day of Defeat, and Enemy Territory are reassembling with great enthusiasm due to general dissatisfaction with the evolution of the mass market shooter and lackluster annual releases.

Days of War also appeals to the younger generation who have yet to experience a great online WW2 shooter. (even Call of Duty: World at War was 8 years ago)

Days of War has reached its first stretch goal, guaranteeing the British forces make an appearance in game, and is looking like it’s on track to hit the next goal, the Soviet Army.

You can find the official Days of War website here.