Victory and Glory: Napoleon Card System Revealed

victory-and-glory-napoleonTo win a war, armies might be not enough. You need political skills as well, allowing you to change the balance of power in your favour, forge new alliances and isolate the enemy.

The endless conflict between Napoleon and the several Coalitions formed against him was fought following exactly this simple rule. Great Britain didn’t have a ground army able to counter alone the capacity of the Revolutionary France and was forced to convince and support potential allies on the Continent.

On the other hand, Napoleon took many risks to manage fighting on multiple fronts at once, stretching his resources and wasting time and materials.

In Victory and Glory: Napoleon, you will face the danger of a situation where alliances could change rapidly, and allies could turn into foes.

Thanks to an innovative Card System, you will be able to alter the course of the War, raising special troops, creating buffer states or preventing minor nations joining a hostile alliance.

Take a look at this nice infographic, giving you a little taste of what you can expect in the game!

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