Combat Air Patrol 2 DX11 C++ Conversion Complete

combat-air-patrol-2-logoSim155 Ltd, developer of the flight and naval combat simulator Combat Air Patrol 2, has announced that the DX11 C++ conversion is complete and they are now moving on to steam integration, TrackIR support and gameplay polishing and tweaking. Faye Scio of Sim155 Ltd said the conversion has increased performance noticeably and the development team has it running well on there in house testing laptop. “We are confident it’s going to be a smooth experience, even if you don’t have a top end gaming machine” Faye Scio reported.

Combat Air Patrol 2 (CAP2) is a flight and naval combat simulator game for PC (Steam/Windows) where you pilot the AV8B Harrier II. After initial flight and tactical training you will be pitched into an immersive scenario against aggressive ground, sea and air based enemies. Use your skill as a pilot and your tactical awareness to engage in dogfights, carry out ground attacks and command your fleet to ultimately ensure the safety of your comrades and the final capitulation of the enemy. Strategic decisions such as commanding your fleet on the tactical map and your performance in the air will affect the final outcome: Go ‘gung ho’ with a full out assault and the outcome will be in the balance or plan ahead and the end result will be your ultimate victory.

Find out more about Combat Air Patrol 2 at the games official website.