Order of Battle: Morning Sun Infographic

order-of-battle-morning-sunThe second Sino-Japanese War was a cruel and bloody conflict often overlooked due to its proximity to the Japanese entry into World War 2 at Pearl Harbour. But the events of this campaign had a great impact on the future of the people and armed forces of both nations.

This conflict, and its protracted nature in the later years, could be seen as one of main causes of the final Japanese defeat. It greatly drained the Empire’s resources, forcing it to deploy thousands of soldiers and war-ships and defend against repeated guerrilla attacks.

In Order of Battle: Morning Sun, the second expansion of the innovative wargame Order of Battle: Pacific, you will revive the battles and operations of this crucial war, from the initial boarder’s skirmishes to the massive invasion of the inland China.

Have a look on the infographic here depicting the main stages of the War, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the forums!