Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC Revealed

just-cause-3-logoSource: Blue’s News

A Steam community announcement unveils details on Sky Fortress DLC for Just Cause 3, the “air” portion of the Air, Land and Sea expansion pass announced a few months ago. The post also offers details on a small release coming to the action sequel today on all platforms which will add the ability to buy content previously offered as preorder bonuses, and say they are also working on addressing issues with the game. Here’s word:

For those of you who picked up the XL Edition, or for anyone interested in the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass we announced earlier last year, we’ve got some exciting news for you all. Whilst one side of the studio is working on patches, fixes and optimisations for the game, which will continue to roll out over the coming weeks, the other side is busily bringing this additional content to life. The first pack – ‘Sky Fortress’ which is the “Air” pack, is nearing completion, and will bring new missions, features and other exciting surprises to the skies of Medici. We’re play testing this content right now so watch this space for more news on this very soon.

On top of this, we’ve got a small release of additional weapons and vehicles landing across Steam, PSN & Xbox stores today. This isn’t strictly new stuff – all of this content was previously available as part of our pre-order programmes, so for the early adopters out there you may already have most of these items. However, if there’s any particular pre-order incentives you missed out on that you want to pick up, you can now do so. Check out the store pages for more info.

For those of you that are still having some issues with your game, rest assured that we’re working on optimisations, bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements, and we’ll continue to roll these out as soon as they’re ready, with the next patch expected later in the month. We’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of all the issues that are reported to us.