Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps Beta Call

panzer-corps-soviet-corpsWe saw the panzers arrive, crushing everything under their tracks. We thought our Air Forces would save us, but they were completely smashed in the first days of fighting.

Cities fell one after the other. Our forces withdrew deeper and deeper inside the Motherland.

Now Winter is coming and Moscow is close to being besieged.

It’s time to push back the invaders!

The acclaimed wargame series Panzer Corps is back with another incredible stand-alone expansion! Soviet Corps will bring you at the head of the Red Army in its grimmest moment: you will have to stop the overpowering Wehrmacht! Save every resource possible, retake the initiative and push the Germans to Berlin!

This expansion is ready to enter the Beta Phase! Be part of this great milestone and help us in giving the final touches!

You can apply for the Beta here.

Get more information about the game from its official product page.