Panzer Corps: Operation Sea Lion Scenarios Structure Announced

The German Invasion of Great Britain is probably one of the most momentous what ifs of the Second World War: what was the German plan? What were the key objectives of the invasion?

To answer these questions Panzer Corps is back with a huge DLC, comprised of over 30 scenarios covering all the possible phases of the invasion: Operation Sea Lion!

Designer Nico has worked hard alongside the core developer team to make this expansion one of the most challenging ever created for Panzer Corps. The complex structure of the campaign allows you to choose between different attacking vectors depending on your actions on the battlefield. The campaign can be started with the core force from DLC 40, so you can begin the invasion of England with the core forces that emerged victorious in France. Alternatively you can start with a preset core force.

Be prepared! Operation Sea Lion will release on October 15th!

Operation Sea Lion is an expansion for Panzer Corps and requires Panzer Corps to be played.

Get more information on Operation Sea Lion from its official product page.